November 9, 2009

Leonardo Chop - The Little Shop of Horrors

Leonardo Chop is a new artist to the site but his skills look a lot more like a sophomore than a freshman if you get my drift, if you don't then believe me when I say Leonardo Chop has a unique sound. Imagine the styles of J.Rocwell, Andre 3000 and Lil Wayne wrapped into an some surprisingly entertaining southern flow. The lyrics are not at the level that we'd like them to be right now, but LC shows a lot of promise right now. Instrumentals are solid all around, check it out if you're in the mood for a new voice from the south.

  1. Welcome
  2. Feb 27th
  3. Horror 1 (turnt up freestyle)
  4. Outlaw
  5. Champ Swag
  6. Skit 2
  7. Ice Cream Paint Job
  8. Hear Them Calling
  9. Names
  10. I Think I Love It
  11. Interlude II freestyle
  12. Rage
  13. Me and Her
  14. No Place To Go
  15. I Am
  16. Shoot Me Down
  17. The Funeral


Leah said...

I'm loving him ! Lyrics are way above par in my opinion. Love his definitive flow.. He does remind me of Wayne and Rocwell a bit. Definitely stoked to hear more from him.. RAGE is amazzing !