January 7, 2009

Want Your Music On Sound Society???

If your reading this, most likely you are an artist, and most likely you want your music featured on Sound Society. Well its fairly simple, but their are a few things we ask of you before you choose to email.

Cover (Preferably a link, but if it has to be attached no big deal):
Release (year):
Preview (Stream/attached):
Submitted by (Name or nickname):

Subject line: Music Submission(whether it be a mixtape/song/video) or something of that nature. We will listen to each email, please do not have subject lines like ***ATTENTION HOT NEW ARTIST*** or !!!CHECK THIS OUT!!!...it doesn't make me look at your email any faster, and honestly its kind of annoying lol. Also, the music can not be for sale ANYWHERE as we have had problems in the past, this blog is mainly for posting great artists, with a passion, who need more attention but we will not post links to music that is sold elsewhere.

Contact Information:

Twitter: NorthernTouch87
Email: northerntouch87[at]hotmail.com

Dmack Masterice:
Twitter: DmackMasterice
AIM: Dmack Masterice
Email: soundsociety91[at]gmail.com

Twitter: NatacAvantGarde
Email: Natac.waveclub[at]gmail.com